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A lighter take on student body election :D

This year after a very long time of about 2 years, now as every potential voter is on campus, we can feel the warmth of elections.

I wondered to see, such a level of enthusiasm a couple of days before the elections. Even our so-called representatives who seemed to be sleeping (I'm not talking about everyone), the whole year, just woke up. Now every upcoming leader on campus will recognise you if not by name then by your department. Some of these leaders will even give references to your friend’s friend too (don’t be amazed, I just laugh at their innocence).

Our forgotten heroes (old representatives) just came awake after the ENDGAME once this election came. See their suddenly raised concerns for students and their frequency of emails. This clearly shows they are going through restless nights :D.

If u see on eyes of these leaders u can see the hunger for power (illusion I must say), rather than actual pure intentions of doing well. Of course, there were a few exceptions in past (I must say those are wonderful guys).

I can easily say more than 70% of the Junta will hardly be able to name all the leaders they choose just 11 months back. If u want to check this, just ask your fellow student about a few secretaries and Gen Secs to check their memory, you will feel my data to be quite conservative (70%).

Every department has transformed into a political party. Some BJP and some Congress, but both are trying their best to attract the minority party (AAP, SP, BSP, JDU) for possible collaborations. Not to mention the secret efforts to attract Regional Parties [AITC (Bengoli voters), DMK, TDP, AIMIM]. Some of these so-called leaders take so much favour before coming into power that they become like a Parrot after being selected, how can we then expect them to represent us with strength.

So, as a voter what should we do?

The problem is human psychology. Once a leader is selected they have a tendency of raised ego. Remember the illusion of power that I mentioned earlier, this changes their behaviour.

In my opinion, we (a voter) must make every leader weak. For example, if every time BJP will be in the power, of course, they will not do welfare for the voters, because they will know they will win by hook or crook (brush up your memory). Thus, it is a duty of a voter to plant fear of voters (even better of an individual person) in the heart of these leaders and political parties (u know what I mean), so that they keep the issue of even the smallest citizen at utmost priority.

Don’t forget "these small elections are the simulation of the actual world" be a wise voter in both spaces.


Hope to see a healthy election and very best wishes to all supreme leaders (on a lighter note and laugh😉).

Pardon me if It hurts anyone's feelings, it was absolutely unintentional and free from targetting anyone in perticular.

If need any help feel free to use the contact tab (Yup it works 😉).

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